Sporades Marine Park visit

The Sporades Marine Park (NMPA-NS) was founded on 1992 by Presidential Decree. It is a conservation area of ~2,200 km2, probably the largest in the Mediterranean.

It is split in Zone A (includes the islands Alonissos, Peristera, Lechousa and Aderfia islands i.e. Mikro Aderfi and Megalo Aderfi) and Zone B (includes the islands Kira Panagia, Gioura, Grameza, Psathoura, Piperi – the core of, Skantzoura, Lagofitonissia i.e. Kasidis, Lachanou, Polemika, Strogyllo, Praso, Skadili and Korakas, Papous and Strogyllo islets.

To visit the Sporades Marine Park & its islands from Skopelos we suggest to ask the local travel agencies (at the Skopelos Town port or Loutraki).

There are various sailing boats (‘Kaiki’) that can get you for a day trip to the Park’s islands that are allowed to visit.

Usually, they start from Alonissos’ port Patitiri; then you will visit the ‘Blue Cave’; the ‘Kyra Panagia’ island; the ‘Monastery’ bay and its monastery; the ‘Planitis’ island and its bay.
Another daily trip visit will be at the ‘Psathoura’ volcanic island where we suggest to enjoy swimming! In your way you will cruise close to ‘Gioura’ also.