Skopelos has exceptional pieces of local art… ceramics, jewellery – all hand made!
Therefore we – Team – are about to present them ans suggest the best ones…

Local Art
(add Area Code +30-24240)
Monogramma, Tel: 34081, Neo Klima (Elios) – Gift Shop, Souveniers
Arhipelagos, Tel: 023127, Fax: 023127, Skopelos town – Art, Antiquities, Ceramics
Armoloi, Tel: 22707, Skopelos town – Art, Antiquities, Ceramics
Ploumisti, Tel: 22059, Skopelos town – Art, Antiquities, Ceramics
Rodios, Tel: 22924, 23605, 27779, Skopelos town – Art, Antiquities, Ceramics
Giannakopoulos, Tel: 22705, Skopelos town – Hand-made Jewellery
Potoki, Tel: 22928, Skopelos town – Jewellery
Sentefi, Tel: 22523, Skopelos town – Jewellery
Pepatithos, Tel: 23094, Fax: 23524 Skopelos town – Jewellery, Ceramics
Yiousouri, Tel: 23983, Skopelos town – Jewellery, Ceramics
Selinuda, Tel: 34300, Glossa – Greek Art
Kastri, Tel: 24592, Fax: 24592,, Skopelos town – Handicrafts, Jewellery

Don’t forget the famous sweets such as the famous avgato hamalia, rozedes, the unique cheese-pie and the fine wine! There are various shops – all with their own ‘personality’ and style.

Local Products
(add Area Code +30-24240)
Kyra Leni, Tel: 33688, Glossa & Skopelos town – Traditional Sweets
Skopelitisa, Tel: 23448, Skopelos town – Traditional Sweets
Nisiotisa, Tel: 33716, Mobile: +30-6994-650414, Glossa – Traditional Sweets

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